Frequently asked questions

Where do you ship from?

Products are shiped from different location according to the customer location we have warehouses in Germany, France, Spain, The UK and Italy.

What is the delivery time to my location?

Delivery time varies between 2-6 days, for countries like France, Germany, Italie, Spain, The UK, delivery time is estimated to 2-3 days. For countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, delivery time is estimated to 3-5 days. For other European countries, delivery time is estimated to 4-6 Days. for more details see our shipping and return policy https://www.evercross.eu/shipping-returns

What do I do if the product is broken?

1- If your product is not working, you just have to contact us, by filling the contact from on the website https://www.evercross.eu/contact 2- Explain the problem as you can, and if possible, add photos or video to your message 3- One of our agent will contact you back and provide you with a free shipping label that you can use to return the product to our warehouse for free. Note: if you are require to pay any fee when shipping the product back with the return label, please contact us and get a new label, don't pay anything because the label is prepaid, we will not accept to support any additional fee for your return. for more details, please see our return policy https://www.evercross.eu/shipping-returns

Where can I find tutorial video?

You can find tutorial video of our products on our yutube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYd4kT5qxCQ8HLX5PrWK42Q/videos

Can I pay with my Credit card?

Yes you can use your credit card to pay throught the Paypal payment option. choose paypal as payment method then enter you Credit card payment information (Don't need to open a paypal account )